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A Bit of Background

Rosa G lives in Amsterdam. Born in Liberia, Western Africa. Her love for music with soul, like r&b, hiphop, jazz, funk, groove and dance, has mainly originated in her roots and background.

“I once started a jazz program on the Indonesian radio, when I lived and worked in Indonesia. Since then, I think DJ-ing is one of the nicest ways to reach people and share music. In the early days, I was listening to the radio 24 hours a day and I wrote out the entire Top 40 while listening to it.”

“The DJ-ing has always been in me. When I couldn’t even really walk yet, I went to the pick-up, got my favorite LP of that week out and started dancing on the music. So yeah, the love for music started really early in my life.”

“My taste for music has always been very eclectic, but with a clear preference for the soulful, funky sounds. It’s just my groove, it’s gotta have soul! As a DJ, I play a mixture of funky, jazzy, golden disco oldies and happy vocal house. And a bit of happy hip hop of course, for fun! A part is recognizable, but preferable in a remix, and another part is a bit more obscure, but it’s always nice and accessible! I like to play music that is uplifting, makes people happy and gets them to dance.”

Radio Shows

2006 – 2015 Pinq Radio
program: The Champagne Room
2001 – 2003 Q the Beat
program: G-Spot
2000 – 2001 Sun FM
program: Music in the Dark
1998 – 2001 Slam FM
program: Mellow Grooves
1993 – 1998 New Dance Radio
program: Mellow Grooves
1993 – 1994 Amstelveen Lokaal
program: Mix
1992 – 1993 Trijaya FM
program: Jazz Spot

Station calls for: Arrow Classic Rock,
Colorful Radio, New Dance Radio,
Trijaya FM